Mabuasehube May 2016

On 25 May we departed early from Johannesburg (us) and Pretoria (Hennie and Ada Wiggett) for our trans-Kgalagadi safari.  We travelled on the N4 towards Zeerust and crossed the border early afternoon at the Bray border post.  The last section of this dirt road, following the Molopo, was heavily corrugated.  From Bray we completed the relatively short distance to Cornwall Safaris where we spent the night.  They recently had a devastating fire and although we were not affected at the camping site, the owners were clearly still in temporary housing in a phase of rebuilding and no sign of a lodge.  Ablutions very neat.

The next morning we leasurely departed for the Mabua Gate via the cut line.  This road made for easy driving through relatively flat red Kalahari sand.  In Mabua we spent our first three nights at Mpayathutwa Pan campsite 1 where there is water on tap. Unfortunately the showerhead was fixed and only cold showers could be taken with no option to add warm water to the mix.  A hanging bucket such as at the other bush camps throughout Kgalagadi would have been the solution for a warm shower in May.  The Mpayathutwa waterhole proved to be very active and we photographed most of the game and birds there. We were not confronted with lions in camp and we were SO prepared to see them!

The next few nights we spent at Lesholoage Pan campsite 2 where there is also water on tap, same set-up with the shower - which would be great in summer. The Lesholoage waterhole is 200 metres from camp and also offered several unique opportunities for photography. We were lucky to photograph the resident leopard and brown hyena late one afternoon.  The D4s proved to be versatile enough for the late evening light.

After three nights, we headed for the Motopi campsite on the lower wilderness track en route to Nossob.  This single track road was an easy drive (with trailers) for as long as no vehicles approached from the front in which case a thorough swerve onto the side of the road was necessary.  It was spectacular scenery all the way with many camel thorn trees and wall to wall Kalahari grassland as far as the eye could see.

At Nossob, where there is currently a lot of building activity, we spent three nights and then four nights at Rooiputs where a lion family kept us entertained for hours early every morning and at sunset.  Dad was trying to get rid of his two young sons and daughter whilst mom was not so sure it was already time to chase them out!

Enjoy the images below!